Thursday, November 6, 2008

Am I Surprised?

NO! If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know that I made certain predictions, all of which have proved accurate so far.

Prediction #1: The stock market would continue to have losses through the election, due to the economic threat of an Obama presidency

Prediction #2: After the election, if Obama wins, the market would take additional serious hits immediately, before smoothing out

Prediction #3: Obama would lead from a very far left position, not from the center as his supporters believe

The first has already come to pass. The second has also come to pass, with nearly a 500 point drop yesterday, and today it is already hovering at a near 400 point drop.

As for the third prediction, it may be too early to be certain, but considering Obama's very first appointment - Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff - bodes badly for any hope of a centrist government. Rahm is famous for being the farthest left of any known politician today, and is another Chicago politician. Making him #3 in the White House indicates Obama has no intention of being a centrist.

Obama owes a lot to the very far left. That is where most of his funding and base support came from. He cannot afford to turn on them, and govern from the center. Yet, if he governs from the far left, he will very quickly lose favor among the folks, the majority of whom still tend to be just right of center.

This is why I believe that my next prediction will also ring true: Obama will only serve one term. In 2012, if the republicans have finally managed to cobble together a conservative center-right platform, they will sweep everything. If they do not, then I think 2012 will be a mixed bag that will not serve anyone very well, but in either case, Obama will be going home in four years - not because he is a "bad" president, but because no matter what he does, he is going to anger and alienate a very large portion of those who swept him in earlier this week.

And another prediction: Governor Palin will run for Presidsent in 2012, and IF the Republican party actually gets around to cobbling together a real platform, she will win handily. The only real faults anyone could make stick on her is her lack of experience in national or international affairs (though she had more than Obama). So my final prediction for today: Palin will spend the next 2-3 years building that weakness into a strength. She is a quick study, and she WILL be ready in 2012. With a vengeance!

As a side note, mostly for AOL users, AOL has been incredibly deceptive lately. Just two examples of blatant, harmful deception:

1) Just two days before the election they posted a "news story" about Nostradamus predicting a "McCain win", stating that Quatrain 78 of Century X called McCain the "feeble kept one", and calling Palin the "imbecile Queen". As AOL already knew, there is no such quatrain with such statements. AOL knew it was a bogus story because the real quatrain is published on hundreds of internet sites, and has nothing to do with anything even remotely similar to what AOL was posting as a "news story". Their only purpose, of course, was to discredit McCain and Palin in the eyes of those who believe in prophecy.

2) Even though the board of inquiry ultimately exhonerated Palin of any wrongdoing just one day before the election, AOL and other liberal media WITHHELD the news until the election was nearly over. Again, the only purpose for withholding such a story would be to prevent voters from learning the truth about Troopergate before the election. The only news media to report it on the day she was exhonerated was, to their credit, Fox News' own Greta Susteren.

Anyone who pays AOL for any services would do well to consider taking their business elsewhere. It is not a good thing to subsidize dishonesty.

By the way, a recent poll produced the following about Fox News:

21% said Fox treated McCain better
21% said Fox treated Obama better
58% said it was just about equal

It just doesn't get more "fair and balanced" than that. Since success is directly proportionate to having accurate, timely information, I'll be getting my news from Fox from now on. None of the other media fared well. For example, MSNBC was rated by 78% as being pro Obama, 9% pro McCain and 13% thought they were treated equally.


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