Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On The Bright Side

As of this writing, it appears the Democrats will hold all three parts of the Executive Branch - President, Senate and House. And one thing that stands out is Pennsylvania. It is difficult to understand their mentality - first, they are a big "coal mining" state, and they voted for Obama in spite of the fact that he has said he is determined to bankrupt coal-fired energy plants. And in spite of Obama's remark about PA foilks "clinging to their guns and bibles" out of anger. And they are re-electing John Murtha in spite of the fact he called his own constituents "racists and rednecks". This tells me that there are a tremendous number of people who are either uninformed, or simply do not care if people insult them. So, they will get what they deserve - leaders who do not respect them.

There are many, many folks who predict dire consequences and erosion of rights because of the liberal agenda of Pelosi, Reid and Obama. For example, we can kiss voting privacy goodbye when it comes to union voting. Unions will once again be able to intimidate both workers and businesses. And don't be surprised if they pass laws that will increase the ease of voter fraud, like their previous "motor voter" law.

And many believe that the Democratic response to the recession will likely cause a depression if they follow through on their agenda of heavier taxes on the very people responsible for creating jobs and income, and producr the GNP that determines economic health.

That said....

There is a silver lining of sorts. For eight years, the Democrats blamed "the Bush administration" for everything, including natural disasters. But from here on in, for the next four years, whatever goes wrong can and will be laid at the door of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

Of course, the Democrats will still try to blame the Republicans for anything that goes wrong, but MOST of the people are not so naive and gullible as to believe it. So, in 2012, a political revolution like the ones that swept the nation after every other "full Democratic control" will occur, and Palin will be swept into the White House, and the House and Senate will again fall to Republicans.

Why? Right now, the country is angry at Republicans, not because Republicans are worse than Democrats, but because George W Bush earned their ire. Their anger at a few maladjusted Republicans has caused an anger at the party, in general. But as they come to
realize over the next four years that the Democrats are just as bad, or even worse, the American people will look in retrospect (hindsight is always clearer) at the GOP and realize their anger at the entire party was misplaced. They will choose solid, fiscally responsible conservative Republicans to fill the offices that will be vacated when the people dump the current batch of n'er-do-wells in office.

So, the short take: the Democrats can no longer "dodge the bullet" or shift the blame onto Republicans - at least, not successfully. They are in control. They will be held accountable. And because of their liberal agenda, they won't be able to contain or control themselves. And that will result in a Reaganesque landslide for Republicans in 2012.

The key, of course, is for the GOP to get rid of the idiots in charge of the RNC and replace them with competent Republicans that are actually Republicans, and to seek out, and put up for election, only those conservatives that have good moral values, strong family values and have a record of fiscal responsibility. Lately, way too many "Republicans" have been acting like liberal Democrats. This has separated them from their base, and that is why they are losing.

If the GOP has an ounce of common sense, they will heed Gingrich and adopt the platform his organization has provided at http://www.americansolutions.com/. If they do that, they will sweep in 2012. If they do NOT do that, they will likely lose again.

EVERY conservative reading this should first visit American Solutions, check out the platform, and if you agree with the majority of it, you must contact the RNC and tell them, point blank that they need to choose, and adhere to that platform, and to start RIGHT NOW seeking out good prospects for the next House and Senate races. And those prospects must sign on to that platform, or the RNC will not support them. Period.

If enough folks bombard the RNC, they will be forced to return to the principles that made the GOP the Grand Old Party in the first place.

I will make a prediction right here, today. You can hold me to it. Over the next four years, the Democrats will anger the folks. They will make the Bush Administration look acceptable in comparison. And if the GOP puts forth the right candidates, they will sweep in 2012. Gingrich did it in '94. With his help, the GOP can do it again.

If you are a conservative, and you do not stand to be counted, then you will have no one but yourself to blame when America loses the values it was built upon. More Socialism and a Big Brother "nanny state" will be your reward if you fail to do your part.

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