Monday, November 3, 2008

They will stop at nothing...

Even at this late stage, the far-left loonies are STILL using smear tactics against McCain and Palin - and this one takes the cake!

The following "news" story was run by AOL: "Nostradamus Predicts McCain Win". The story goes on to say that Quatrain 78 of Century X goes like this:

"At the war’s end:
The Feeble Kept One will strike down the Night
And his Imbecile Queen will rise from the snow
Bedecked in finery and the pelt of a wolf."

According to them, The Feeble one is McCain, the "night" is Obama, and the "imbecile Queen" is Palin.

This is such utterly moronic. Even if it weren’t a stretch to interpret it that way, that isn’t even the REAL text of Quatrain 78, Century X. That real text reads:

"Sudden joy to sudden sadness
It will occur at Rome for the graces embraced
Grief, cries, tears, weeping, blood, excellent mirth
Contrary bands surprised & trussed up. "

I don't think there is a single word that is correct in the AOL "quatrain". It is completely bogus, and proves the left-wing slant of AOL and the media. And their only purpose for pushing this "story" is a last-minute smear attack.

By stooping to this level, the last thing liberals should ever have is control of this nation. Surely, the right has also thrown out some crap on Obama, but not this level of smearing. This is right there at the bottom with those on the left who claimed Palin's baby was actually her daughter's, and claims that McCain was a communist sympathizer in Viet Nam. It just doesn't get any more vile.

As bad as the Republicans sometimes are, I am glad that I am not associated with a party that gets THIS low.

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