Monday, November 3, 2008

And They Say It Ain't So...

Conservatives say that liberals around the world have chosen Obama as the next Messiah. The Democrats say that is ridiculous.

I guess the Democrats have not seen what is going on. For example, Louis Farrakahn, speaking in front of his Nation of Islam group did, indeed, refer to Obama as "The Messiah". And in Spain (the country that chose to desert us in the War on Terror), a portrait of Obama has appeared. But it is not an ordinary portrait - the Democratic presidential candidate is shown in a sand sculpture on a beach in Barcelona, Spain. The portrait is 140 yards long by 80 yards wide. and can be seen from the space station. It was created with 500 tons of sand, gravel and white, brown and black pebbles. It cost more than $13,000.

This sort of idolization is not unusual in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Has anyone read Revelations lately?

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