Wednesday, November 5, 2008


To say the election results were disappointing is something I believe to be true. But something is happening that I find far more disappointing.

As I read blogs, I see some Republicans acting the same way the Democrats acted against Bush. I find that troubling. Historically, Republicans have tended to be the more civil, and willing to give people a chance to either step up to the plate, or fail, all on their own. And I find it disgusting that Republicans say that they will never support Obama.

That is wrong. Every President should have the full support of All Americans, at least until he has proven himself unfit and unworthy.

To all fellow Republicans, I urge you to give a better shake to Obama than the Democrats ever gave to Bush. We are supposed to be better than that. If you are going to lower yourself to their standards, then you become the people you hate. We have had 8 years of "I hate the Bush Administration". Let's not have 4 years of "I hate the Obama Administration." Don't do that. Let him sink or swim. But give him the opportunity.

Support the President, whoever he or she may be. If he screws up, call him to account. But until then, he deserves the support of every American.

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