Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trojan Horse PT II

I do not intend to continue using this blog as a political format - I had only intended to point out something I found disturbing. In doing so, I have received a few comments from readers that I think need to be addressed.

COMMENT: "How can you criticise Obama for his association with Rev. Wright when John McCain spoke before Rev. Hagee's congregation?"

REPLY: First, McCain is not a professed follower of Hagee - he only appeared in a speaking engagement. Second, McCain never claimed to agree with Hagee. Third, McCain did not JOIN Hagee's church, and REMAIN there for 20 years. In short, there is no comparison. Obama supports Rev. Wright and his church and has done so for 20 years. McCain is not a supporter of Hagee or his Church.

COMMENT: "Why pick on Obama? What about all of Hillary's baggage?"

REPLY: The post was not about Hillary - it was about Obama. Nor was it about the election - it was about a disturbing series of events. And I was not making comparisons. Everyone is aware of Hillary's faults, but Obama is a new unknown. We are in the process of learning who he is.

COMMENT: "Why do you suggest Obama is a racist?"

REPLY: His own words and actions. As an example, he made statements such as "My Grandmother, a typical white person..." If McCain had used the phrase "a typical black person" he would have been branded a racist. Throughout Obama's speech he spoke of the past actions of white against black - a "gentler" version of the same stuff being spewed by Rev. Wright. If he were not a racist, he would have said, "OK, so maybe blacks were poorly treated in the past, and maybe even today a few malcontents still treat us poorly. But that is not America today. It's time to leave the past where it belongs - in the past - and move ahead as ONE people. A nation where skin color has no meaning." Instead, he harped on the problems of the past rather than solutions for the future. He made it a point to make race an issue. Only a racist will make race an issue. To an open-minded person, race simply is not an issue at all.

The surest way to keep racism alive is to use terms like "black American", or "white American", or "native American." You see, if we ever do get to be a nation where racism is extinct, we will all be calling one another just one thing - "American". There would be no distinctions. But as long as we have divisive racists like Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, and Wright, who make it a point to distinguish between races, then racism will live on in America.

As for me, I could care less about racial differences except those that are used to create a divide among people. When I judge a person, I judge by the color of his heart, not his skin.

COMMENT: "So, who are YOU going to vote for?"

REPLY: Dunno. Early on, I liked Obama and I liked Duncan Hunter, because I am looking for someone who shoots straight - I don't care about their political affiliation so much. Duncan is out, and Obama has turned out to be a porcelain snake oil salesman - all glib tongue and no substance. I don't think McCain understands the conservative base, and Hillary - well, let's just say I have absolutely no use for anyone who is so self-serving and whose beliefs sway with every poll. She has done nothing as senator from New York. If I had my choice, I would vote for the guy behind At least he has ideas, solutions and understands what most folks are looking for. Unfortunately, he is not running...

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