Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Trojan Horse?

It is with great interest that I have been following the situation concerning the Rev. Wright and Barack Obama.

I do not believe that any sane person can watch the Reverend's videos without seeing a racist, bigoted, far-left militant. He is downright frightening - and to think he takes to the pulpit, in the name of God, to spew such hatred of whites, jews, America - just about anyone that is not his follower.

He is supposed to be a Christian. But when I ask myself if Jesus would work so fervently to spew so much hate, I would have to say "NO".

And that brings us to Mr. Obama. In his speech yesterday in which he "denounced" some of Rev. Wright's rants, Obama asked us to believe that Wright's beliefs are not Obama's beliefs. He asked us to believe that he has a problem with such rantings. Fine.

But then I must ask: why has it only become a "problem" now that he knows that voters see it as a problem? He sat in Reverend Wright's church for 20 years - that's 20 YEARS - without seeing it as a problem. Obama did not see such hatred as a problem until it started to get in the way of becoming President. Suddenly, he sees it as a problem!

And I find that to be even more frightening than Rev. Wright! Wright is quite open about who he hates, and why. He is forthright about his bigotry and racism (though he does not think that is what it is). But Obama is not so forthcoming or honest. For 20 years he absorbs this hate mongering diatribe, supports the preacher who spews it out, and calls that man his "trusted advisor". But now, suddenly, he is ready to toss Wright - and even his own white grandmother - under the train, in order to convince voters that he should be President.

Here is what common sense tells me:

If a person willingly joins any radical, bigoted, racist group that is led by a radical, bigoted, racist leader, and that person stays in that group for 20 years, supporting it and paying homage to its leader, then that man, but definition, is a radical, bigoted racist. If he marries a radical, bigoted racist, then he, himself, is likely a radical, bigoted racist. He would not subject himself and his family to that if it was not his true, inner belief.

But now he wants to be President. So he must tell whatever story he must in an attempt to minimize people's just fears that he is a radical, bigoted racist.

Some would say that Rev. Wright does not have that kind of effect on Obama and his family. That Obama and his family are "immune" to such diatribe.

But if that were really true, why does Michelle Obama state that she was never proud to be an American until her husband starting running for President? Why did she say that America is "mean". She has a lifetime history of saying, and writing, about her hatred and prejudice.

There is a pattern here, folks. And I must say that, in spite of all his charm and glib tongue, Obama is probably just like Reverend Wright, with the difference being that Obama is smart enough to use subterfuge and disguise. With it, he can carry Reverend Wright's crazy agenda right into the White House. A modern day "Trojan Horse".

Ask yourself: If, as he claims, Obama's most trusted advisors and confidants are Reverend Wright and his wife Michelle, both of whom have shown a hatred of, and disdain for America, then who will Obama choose as his advisors if he becomes president? Who will he choose for his cabinet? And who would he choose to be judges?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I would rather not find out.

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