Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another FREE Book For Our Customers

Another FREE book for our valued customers. We only have a limited supply of these to offer for free, so don't hesitate too long :o)

Success means many things to many people. But the most important area in which we must all strive for success is in our health. Without our health, we have nothing else of any real value. And now, for a limited time only, we are now prepared to offer our customers (yes, even past customers) a FREE copy of a book that will help you achieve and maintain good health, naturally.

IntelliBiz has spent nearly 7 years researching health issues, and natural methods of achieving and maintaining good health. We understood from the start that good health is normal, and ill health is only supposed to occur as the exception. In recent times, however, it seems the reverse is true. And our research not only has turned up the reasons why, but also methods to reverse the trend and for each of us to achieve optimal health.

For example, are you aware that our air has less than 60% of the oxygen content it had just a century ago, which may be the reason that asthma and other lung conditions are on the rise? Or that the soil used to grow most of our food has been depleted of much of the normal nutrients, which means your food may not provide what your body needs?

All the years of research have resulted in a fairly substantial body of work entitled "The Simple Man's Guide to Natural Health & Healing". And regardless of your current physical condition, we guarantee that you can improve, or even restore your health in a relatively short period of time. Achieve your optimal weight; ward off the onset of Type II diabetes; slow the aging process; reduce the threat of cancer. All without strict diets, tiring workouts, or expensive drugs.

The best part: if you are a current customer or a new customer, you can have "The Simple Man's Guide to Natural Health & Healing" for free. That's right - this is one of the many "perks" of being a valued customer of IntelliBiz. In it you will find a history of how our society got in this shape, how to overcome the problems, and even a simple, detailed plan that will help restore, and maintain good health.

No, you probably will not learn how to cure cancer or emphysema. But even if you are afflicted with something so dire, there are simple steps you can take to reduce the effects, and live a quality life, longer. I, myself, have been a victim of COPD (an incurable and fatal disease) for nearly 16 years. Most doctors will tell you that COPD victims live 5-15 years, maximum. Yet, because I personally follow the advice in The Guide, I am still in relatively good health after 16 years. I can work, jog, split my own cordwood with the best of them, and all without an oxygen tank trailing behind me. My condition has not deteriorated in the years I have been using the Plan in The Guide. I am not cured, but I am not getting any worse, either.

And now this plan is available to you, FREE. And it does not matter what your condition is at this time. Why? Because the road to natural health is the same for us all. Optimal health requires certain nutrients, for example, and we all need those same nutrients. Our bodies all work the same way, and have the same basic requirements. So one, simple plan can improve and maintain good health, regardless of where you are at right now.

As an example, think about this for a moment: we all need the same nutrients, and we all need to get at least a certain level of exercise on a regular basis. If you are underweight and take in those nutrients and get that exercise, you will gain weight until you get to what is optimal for your body type. If you are overweight and follow that exact same plan as the underweight person, you will lose weight until you reach your optimal weight. Why? Because the same amount of nutrients, introduced in the same manner, and utilized in the same way, will result in optimal weight. It's like baking a cake - if everyone follows the same recipe, everyone will bake an identical cake of identical quality, weight and taste.

Forget the fad diets that don't work, anyway. Forget the drugs that only empty your bank account. Forget putting yourself through strenuous workouts. And forget about going hungry on some stupid diet. All you need is a simple, detailed, natural plan.

This is exactly the same plan that was developed by Mother Nature. It is exactly what is intended for our health. Remember, the normal human condition is one of good health - Mother Nature requires good health in order to insure the survival of a species. Ill health is what happens to us when we stray from nature's plan.

And, since nature's plan is 100% natural, it tends to be simple. It is normal.

If you purchase "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" at any time after this date, you will automatically receive this book free with your order. If you are a previous customer and want to receive your free copy of "The Simple Man's Guide to Natural Health & Healing", just visit and request a copy. This same book is being offered to non-customers for $29.95 plus shipping, so you are getting a very good deal, indeed.

May the Good Lord bless you, and keep you well.


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Jane Lucas-Robinson said...


I ordered the "Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" and am very pleased. Thanks for all the extra valuable freebies you include (credit repair very helpful) with no hidden "tricks". Also thanks for keeping me posted on your newest items without flooding my
e-mail with sales ad. Can't wait to get the new CDs. You're right. Trust is very important, and you've earned mine.

Jane Lucas-Robinson