Monday, March 17, 2008

Are You Geared For Success?

Success is much more than achieving wealth. True success is being in a position to live well, regardless of whatever may transpire.

It means having a strong, loving relationship with family. It means having trusted friends you can count on. It means having a sound, spiritual relationship with some power greater than yourself. It means being prepared for things that may change.

This post is dedicated to the latter - being prepared. Because, if you are not prepared for a situation, and that situation should occur, you could lose everything. So, please take a moment to reflect on the following questions - and your honest answers!

1) What if a pandemic occurs, infecting and killing tens of millions of people (as it did in 1918)? Do you have a plan of survival? Do you have the necessary supplies for survival? Do you know exactly what to do to avoid infection? Bear in mind, statistics indicate there is a 20% chance a pandemic will occur in the next 15 years - and a 100% chance it will occur at some time.

2) What if climate change and an expanding population or a drought results in a serious shortage of food. Are you prepared to feed your family when the store shelves are empty? Do you have shelf-stable foods available? Are you capable of growing crops, if necessary? Note that the seeds available in stores will NOT result in the production of new seeds that will grow a second crop - those seeds are all hybrid. Only heirloom seeds can reproduce themselves to grow new crops.

3) What if a natural disaster destroys your home? Do you keep important documents stored safely in a safety deposit box at your bank? Do you keep duplicate papers off-premises? Do you have a contingency plan as to where you could go?

4) What if your car breaks down on a deserted road, late at night, or in the winter? Do you carry flares? Blankets? Shelf-stable foods (a few MRE's)? A fresh bottle of water? A cell phone that is fully charged? A hand grenade in case Jason strolls by with his machete? :o)

5) What if your young child (or aged, senile adult) were to turn up missing? Do you have a recent photo? Do you have a document that lists all important info the authorities may need (and you may be too distraught to recall)? Height, weight, marks, names/addresses of friends, teachers, babysitter etc.? Medical info, such as allergies? The more info you can provide quickly, the better the chance of a happy ending.

These are just a few of the things that certainly can occur, and could certainly affect a person's success. The more you can prepare for possible contingencies, the greater your chances of true, long-lasting success.

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