Friday, March 14, 2008

It Is Not About Association

Success in any endeavor revolves around not just the individual, but also around those who influence him. And when someone has a lot of influence upon you, then it is not simply a case of "guilt by association". Rather, it is about judgement. Remember the influence of David Koresh (the Waco massacre) and Jim Jones.

If you live in a neighborhood where most residents have issues such as infidelity, and you have those people over for a BBQ, that is not a problem - they are not influencing you to cheat on your spouse. That is mere association. Not a problem.

But if you start going to their wife-swapping parties, that's a different story - now you are being influenced, and that IS a problem.

And so it is that I have developed a problem with Barack Obama, whom I had thought was a beacon in the darkness of typical politics. Now I seriously doubt he is anything but a "snake oil" salesman.

His 20 year close friendship with Reverend Wright is a serious question mark on Obama's judgement. Wright has publicly and fervently expressed his hatred for America, his dislike of whites and jews, and even accuses America of being the number one evil in the world. Yet, Obama stated that Wright has been one of his most trusted "advisors".

Frankly, that indicates to me that Obama's judgement on choosing those who influence him leaves much to be desired, particularly since, as President, we must trust his "judgement" to choose a cabinet.

His close advisor and confident hates America, hates whites, hates jews. His wife and confident has said she was never proud to be an American until now, and accused America of being "mean". And his friend and associate (Ayers) was and still is a white terrorist who, even on 9/11, stated he should have been a more active "terror bomber". Would Obama's cabinet consist of people who hate America? Hate whites and jews? Who blame America for all the ills of the world? That seems to be the "norm" for those he chooses as his confidants.

And Barack Obama asks us to trust his judgement in choosing a cabinet, and in running this country.

I think not. Again, success does not exist in a vacuum. Much of the success of an individual can be attributed to those who influence him. And Obama says Rev. Wright, his wife Michelle, and others like them are the people who influence him.

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