Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Would WH Buy A Prison In Illinois?

The White House is planning to buy the Thompson Correctional Facility in Illinois for $155 million taxpayer bucks. A lesser question is - how do they go about by-passing Congress (again), since only the House of Representatives can allocate funding and have not done so? But the REAL question is WHY does this administration want that prison?

Since federal law prohibits Gitmo terrorist detainees from being kept on American soil, and people who are convicted of federal crimes go to federal prisons, why is the administration buying this facility? What would be its purpose?

Frankly, it makes no sense - unless Obama is planning something so outlandish that the American people simply would not believe it.

We have seen the angry, hateful liberals in the streets with the Occupy bunch, along with violent anarchists.We have seen Obama fire up the "99%" with his class warfare. And we have seen Obama by-pass Congress over and over again, in direct violation of the Constitution. And we know his plan to have the power to shut down all communications - even the internet - so we, the People could not organize.

Is it possible that the administration is laying the groundwork for a coup in the event he loses in November? I'm not saying that is likely - but it IS possible. He still controls the military. He could shut down communications. And he could authorize the detention of anyone who opposes him, and call that person a domestic terrorist under the very outline provided by Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano. In her memo, she listed all the groups that bear watching as potential terrorists, including our own soldiers.

In such an event, Obama would certainly need a facility such as Thompson Correctional Facility. It would be the American "Bastille". And this would be America's "French Revolution", where the liberals and anarchists took over, and "eliminated" all who opposed the authority. It was a busy time for the guillotine.

No, this is not a "conspiracy theory", because it is unlikely. But the purchase of this prison is certainly cause for concern, and a reason to be asking serious questions.


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