Monday, October 8, 2012

The Truth About "Pro-Choice"

OK, it's time someone gets to the truth about the liberal mantra about "pro-choice". It has NOTHING to do with choice!

It's all about abortion, and if they were honest they would say they are pro-abortion, not pro-choice, because the LAST thing they really want is "choice."

As evidence, just tell a "pro-choice" person that YOUR "choice" is pro-life. They will tell you that you are anti-women's rights, or anti-choice - even though pro-life IS YOUR CHOICE!

No, they do not want choice at all, unless it is THEIR choice. And that is not choice. In order to constitute a choice, there needs to be more than one option. But liberals do not offer options - it's abortion, period.

So, the next time some liberal tries to tell you they are pro-choice, please correct them and tell them they are NOT pro-choice, because they do not allow a choice. Tell them to just be honest and call themselves what they are - pro-abortion, or anti-life. But one thing they are not is "pro-choice".

And, by the way, it is those same liberals who force other "choices" upon us. They took away our choice to NOT wear seat belts. They stole our choice to buy a 20 ounce soft drink in New York, or to have salt on the table. They have taken away food choices at school. They take away the choice to smoke cigarettes in public, but encourage the legalization of pot. For people who claim to be all about choice, it is evident the only choices they will permit are THEIR choices.

And that is no choice at all.


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Karan said...

In response to "pro-choice", you are absolutely correct, it is more like "anti-choice". I have never spoke this publicly before, yet will now, as not only is our current administration out of control, they are suggesting to our younger generation to make choices they have "no wisdom" in making, nor are they prepared for what takes place after they choose to get an abortion. I am not proud of one of the worst decisions I have ever made many years ago, which was to deny my child the right to a prosperous life. In doing so, I not only deprived my child to life, I deprived myself the privilege of being a MOTHER. The child that makes a decision to abort their child, is not only killing their unborn, they are killing a part of themselves, as a part of them will certainly die along with that unborn fetus. They do not think about the fact they will never have "that" child call them on Mother's Day, they will never have "that" love from their child, that only "that" child can give, nor will they ever forgive themselves for making such a poor decision, and this is speaking mildly. If our current government had "any" passion for the people of this nation, they would not be encouraging "pro-life", they would be doing the opposite. The best thing we can do as a nation who believe in our constitution and founding father's, is to get current government out and elect those who believe in the people of this great nation, and stop the lies, along with those telling them! I do believe in God and those who founded this great nation on the same principles. If we don't stand up now as a United States of America, When Will We? It is time to stop the lies, "pro-choice" and all the wrongs that have taken place and God Help Us If We Don't. Instead of current administration giving millions of dollars every year to abortion clinics, why not spend those millions to feed those in need, save homes, families and give to those in need. Ask the people in this nation, do they want their tax dollars going to kill life, or do they want to help those in need? I believe we know the answer! "K"