Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guns & Voter I.D.

What do Voter I.D. laws and guns have in common?

In Cooks County Illinois the liberal politicians now want to impose a "violence tax" on guns and ammunition. Setting aside the fact that only a small amount of violence is gun related, you gotta wonder about the deceptive duplicitousness of liberals.

The right to bear arms is a true right, not to be infringed. If something is a right, you cannot be charged any fee to exercise that right. Fees, not affordable to all, make it a privilege, not a right. But now we have to try and understand how it is that liberals think it is Constitutional to attach fees and regulations to make it difficult to exercise the right to bear arms, but it is unconstitutional to to add regulations to the right to vote, via voter I.D. laws.

Liberals complain that since voting is a right, it is unconstitutional to make voting more difficult by forcing folks to have I.D. (which almost every citizen already has). But then those same liberals go out and restrict the right to bear arms by requiring hard-to-get permits, and impose additional taxes on them, making it more difficult to own guns.

I have to ask the liberals - if it is wrong to require citizens to have I.D. to vote, then why is it not wrong to require citizens to get permits and pay fees to own a gun? After all, both are Constitutional rights, not to be infringed.

One more time, for the benefit of liberals too stupid to get it - a RIGHT cannot be taken or infringed, nor can it be licensed or require a fee. If you can charge a fee, or impose restrictions, then some people will be denied the right, and therefore it is not a right at all.

As for Voter I.D., that does not impose restrictions nor does it require any fee a citizen would not pay anyway. You would be hard pressed to find any legal citizen who does not have I.D., and most states will provide I.D. for voter purposes at no charge.

Show me any citizen who has/does none of these...
  • has never been married
  • has no job, nor collects any welfare or government assistance 
  • never buys alcohol
  • never buys cigarettes
  • never gets on a plane
  • never uses a hotel
  • never cashes a check
  • does not have a bank account
  • does not drive a motor vehicle

So, my liberal friends, if a person is a citizen of the United States they have I.D. - and if they do not do any of those things, then they wouldn't vote, either, so you have no business complaining about voter I.D. "restrictions" while you actively restrict all other rights.
  • You restrict the right to bear arms
  • You restrict the right to practice our religions how and WHERE we see fit
  • You authorize the use of drones to conduct illegal searches on Americans
  • You conduct illegal searches on the internet
  • You restrict the right to free speech by shutting down those who oppose you

It's high time to get a reality check, folks. Liberals are stealing our rights by turning the Constitution upside down for their purposes. It's time we put a stop to it. And the best way to do that is to have Constitutionalists on the Supreme Court. And to do that, we need a Republican Senate and President, because the next president will likely appoint at least 2 justices.

Can you imagine the destruction of the American way of life for the next 50 years if those new justices are liberal?


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