Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama's Plan - The One Man Debate

A lot of folks on both sides are perplexed about Obama's performance in his first debate with Romney. I'm not.

And it has nothing to do with Gore's assertion it's the altitude, or the suggestion that he was distracted by something going on elsewhere that we do not yet know about.

It's all about Obama deciding that the only way he can defend his positions, and get away with misleadin statements about Romney is to simply hold a One Man Debate. A debate where Romney is not present to dispute Obama or make him look to be the incompetent fool that he is.

During the debate, when Romney pointed out the idiocy of Obama's policies, Obama actually stood there, mum. Not a peep. But the very next day, when Romney was not present, Obama once again made his misleading claims, and once again attacked Romney and made untrue claims about Romney's policies. There is no one there to dispute him.

It seems Obama only wants to debate issues when he is the only one in the debate. That way, he can get away with speading the bull and misleading his lemmings.


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