Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Liberals Just Cannot Stop The Lying

It is truly amazing how liberals can look you right in the eye and blatantly lie without blinking an eye. The only thing more amazing is how many idiot lemmings actually BELIEVE the lies.

Here is just one example:

The Democrats keep saying that under Romney, MA was 47th in the nation for job growth. But Fact Checkers proved that while it was 47th when Romney became governor, by the end of his term it had moved up to 32nd. And the ONLY reason it was still so low in job creation was simply because everyone already had a job - you cannot create jobs for people that do not exist. Under Romney, the unemploymant rate was at a historic low of 4.2% - the lowest in the nation.

But the facts do not stop liberals like the following clown from pushing the false narrative. This guy posted the following:

Sensei Dave

"I researched Mass. and the same rehtoric was used and he destroyed the state and it ended up 47 in the nation."

Looks like the "Sensei" needs to learn that reading Huffington Post or listening to liberal talking points does not constitute "research".

I spend a lot of time researching facts. I also spend a lot of time reading what "Joe Citizen", like Sensei Dave, has to say. And one thing that stands out is how dedicated liberals seem to be in proliferating lies, and do so in spite of the facts.

And that is straight out of the books by Lenin, Hitler and Alinski.


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