Thursday, April 12, 2012

The REAL Birth of Islam?

Let's begin with the actual beginning of Christianity and Islam. While both religions may have actually been BORN with Christ and Mohammed, these two religions were CONCEIVED much earlier - with the two sons of Abraham. One (Isaac, the fair-skinned son) fathered Judism and eventually Christianity, while the other (Ismael, the dark-skinned son) spawned the Arab nation and eventually Islam. And the two have been fighting ever since.

A New Slant On The Story of Abraham, Isaac & Ishmael

In the Bible, God supposedly tells Abraham to kill his son, Isaac. Then, at the last minute, tells Abraham to not kill Isaac. Later, Abraham's two sons - Isaac and Ishmael - become adversaries. Isaac is the fair-skinned son who eventually fathers the Jewish people, while Ishmael, the dark-skinned son, goes on to father the Arab nation. The two have been at war ever since.

I often wondered about this - some parts never made sense - until I asked myself how the world would be so different had Isaac been sacrificed. If that had happened, there would be no Jewish people, Christ would never have been born and Islam would rule the entire world. Realizing that, I wondered why any God would tempt fate by ordering Abraham to sacrifice his son, then reverse his order.

With an open mind, a person could ask if the "Gods" of the ancients were not really God, but demi-gods - another race that, as stated in the Bible, would be the forces of Good & Evil, used by God to do his work. Some of the Gods were good, some not. The eternal battle of Good and Evil.

Let us assume for a moment that is true. Then what we have is one "God" - the Evil ones - telling Abraham to sacrifice the one person who would spawn the Jewish nation AND CHRISTIANITY. And then a second God - the Good ones - steps in and prevents that from happening.

I say the "God" that wanted to prevent Christianity is the Evil one because it asks for human sacrifice, showing no respect for life.

So, you have the eternal battle of Good and Evil - and the Evil wanted to prevent Christianity and ensure that Islam would eventually dominate the world. Bear in mind - Ishmael used deception to rob Isaac of his birthright and inheritance. And even today, the children of Ishmael - the Arab nations - are still trying to rob the Children of Isaac - the Jews - of their birthright. To this day they try to deny the right of Israel to exist.

So, my friend - what does that tell you?

This would mean the "Good Gods" either did not want the Earth to be under Islamic, barbaric control, or they wanted a second choice for people, giving them the choice of either Islam or Christianity, and thereby keeping the battle of Good & Evil alive.

In either case, if this is what really happened - a Good vs Evil event with Isaac - then it would appear that the Evil side favors Islam, as Evil wanted to prevent Christianity and Judism.

And that would not surprise me - in Islam, it is proper to murder those who do not believe in Islam, and to have no respect for human life as they murder innocent people as well as the guilty. In Christianity, murder is not acceptable.

I'm just sayin'....


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