Sunday, April 8, 2012

Are We "Civilizing" Ourselves Into Extinction?

tr.v. civ·i·lized, civ·i·liz·ing, civ·i·liz·es

1. To raise from barbarism to an enlightened stage of development; bring out of a primitive or savage state.

2. to acquire the customs and amenities of a civil community
We all want to believe that civilization is a good thing, worth improving upon. In and of itself, that may be true, to a point. But when we begin to "civilize" ourselves to the point of being uncivil, we go too far. We also go too far when we use "civilization" as an excuse to become weak, or to extoll weakness in others.
Take political correctness as an example. It has become so pervasive in our society that it is the root cause of polarization among us. And that polarization often comes to a head in the form of violence. Only once in our country's history have Americans been so divided, and that resulted in a very un-civil war.
We can see this every day, as liberals use violence and the threat of violence to squelch the free speech of those with whom they disagree. I have often seen liberals attack conservative speakers with heckling, throwing food and otherwise disrupting their public appearance. I have yet to see a conservative do that to a liberal. These thugs break the law with complete disregard in order to push their agenda. And while 9 times out of 10 it is liberal thinking that causes this - liberals "invented" political correctness - they are not the only ones.
And then there is the feminizing of our young men. Of the 50+ young men in my daughter's graduating class, nearly half are effeminate- what my generation would have called "pansies" or "panty-waists". Their mothers and teachers raise them to be so, in an effort to "soften" the toughness that men naturally have. Liberals figure if they make men weak, they can put an end to violence and war. But the result is just the opposite - when the enemy perceives you as weak, they attack. It's natural - a predator will always attack the weak. And again, this feminizing of our young men comes mostly from liberal teachings - that gay is cool, and it's OK for a boy to play with dolls and wear feminine clothes, wear makeup and cry when he falls down. 
What these liberals and mothers do not understand is that men have a natural need to be strong and tough. They do not understand that civilization is nothing more than a man-made veneer that covers the real world. And it doesn't take much to crack that veneer and cast us into the real world where the only rule is survival of the fittest.
And we see that every day, too. When something so minor as a regional blackout occurs, there is rioting and looting in the streets. Or take a look at the depravity that has become a part of Occupy Wall Street. If some natural or man-made catastrophe were to hit Earth, it would only take hours - if that - for humans to become animals, fighting each other for survival.
And the effeminate will die. And so will their spouses and children. In nature, it is the woman who gives birth, but it is the man who is tasked with providing and protecting. Effeminate "men" would not be up to the task. And being politically correct would just get you dead, fast. If you are the only person in town who has food and water, everyone else in town will kill you and take what you have to keep their own loved ones alive.
No, I am not advocating that we give up on civilization. What I am saying is that we need to keep our eye on the goal of a better society, and stop allowing liberals and do-gooders to throw us off track with dumb ideas like political correctness, or feminizing men. We need to focus on that which is natural, and instead of trying to change it, we should embrace it and use it to become more civil.
A civilized society is one that is kind and gentle, to be sure. But Khalil Gibran said it all when he said "Only the strong can afford to be kind." Not much different from the new adage, "Peace through superior firepower."
When we give up our strength in order to prove how civilized we are, we give up any hope of civilization. And we risk our own extinction.

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