Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another Misleading Headline

From HuffPost/AOL:

Church Officials Quit in Support of Group

Wow! Sounds ominous. Sounds like dozens of Catholic officials are rising up in favor of LBGT.

Well, not quite. Not dozens. Not even a few. Or a couple. ONE! One person quit.

Joseph Amodeo told The Associated Press on Saturday that he quit the junior board of Catholic Charities after Cardinal Timothy Dolan failed to respond to a "call for help" for homeless youths who are not heterosexual.

Not exactly an uprising in the church. But that didn't stop HuffPost from trying to make it sound much bigger than it was. Of course, that is to be expected - Huffington Post is not exactly populated by anyone professing a belief in any God. Their God appears to be George Soros.


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