Friday, April 27, 2012

Are YOU Okay With This?

I'm sure you have heard of the terror group, the Muslim Brotherhood. They are currently taking control of Egypt. Under their rule, they are now passing Islamist laws such as the one that allows a husband to have sex with his wife even after her death. They are also promoting that a father can force a 14 year old daughter into marriage, and women would not be able to get an education or have a career.

None of that surprises those who know about the Muslim Brotherhood. And we all know that President Obama and the State Department has been supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood since the beginning of the "Arab Spring". But here is something most do NOT know...

The Muslim Brotherhood now has infiltrated the Justice Department, the Department of Defense and other government agencies. And the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have been invited to the White House by the Obamas.

And, no, you cannot tell me that Obama is not fully aware of what the Brotherhood stands for - Mr. Obama was born a Muslim and had an Islamist upbringing for the first few, formative years of his life, so he knows EXACTLY where the "bear crapped in the buckwheat"

Again, our president is friendly with a terrorist group that makes it legal to have sex with a dead wife, and legal to force a 14 year old into marriage, and deprive women of any human rights. He brings Brotherhood members into high positions of government.

Are you REALLY okay with this?

I'm not.


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