Friday, April 6, 2012

More Energy Woes For America

As if it were not enough that gas prices are at an all-time high and rising, and the White House has blown over $2 billion on bankrupt "green" energy companies, now comes bad news from our friend, neighbor and partner, Canada.

Until now, Canada has marketed their energy products exclusively to the United States. As such, they were able to give us a nice discount on thoise energy products. But since Obama said "No" to the Keystone pipeline, Canada now says it must no longer market only to the U.S. It must now seek out alternative markets. So, not only will we be "short-changed" on Canadian energy, but we will also lose that fat discount we got because we were their only customer. Now that their products are being put into the GLOBAL markets, we will have to pay global prices.

Good work, Mr. Obama. You and your liberal friends have single-handedly reduced supply and increased costs - AGAIN!


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