Thursday, September 8, 2011

Solar Flares - Dodging The Bullet - This Time...

WASHINGTON -- The National Weather Service says a new, large solar flare that erupted on the sun on Tuesday should provide only a glancing blow on Earth on Friday and is unlikely to cause any problems and there should be no radio, satellite or electrical grid disruptions.

But as I have posted several times in the last 3 years, during the height of this new, active solar cycle (from 2011-2013) there is likely to be many more large flares - much larger than this one - and all it takes is for one to place a direct blow. This one will "glance" us. The next may not.

Once again I implore my readers to take whatever level of preparations they can afford to do. If the grid comes down, for example, experts say it could be down for months, or even years as a direct hit could literally fry transformers. Remember - if power is down nationwide, there will be no factories running to produce the replacement equipment needed. It would be like trying to run the Boston Marathon with two broken ankles.

Think about it.


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