Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sense Of Entitlement Gone Wild...

Last month, 22 KraftMaid employees in Youngstown, Ohio who regularly pooled their money to buy lottery tickets won the Mega Millions draw, TV station WEWS reported. But one man, Edward Hairston, missed out on the big prize because he'd been on sick leave for three months and hadn't contributed his $5 to the pot in June, July and August, according to WCKN. Now Hairston is suing his newly rich colleagues for his share of the winnings.

This clown does not HAVE a share of the winnings, nor is he entiitled to any. He did not contribute his share for THREE MONTHS, and in particular did not contribute in any way to the winning ticket.

There is no reason why this idiot could not have got the $5/month fee to his "partners" to cover the period he was out. The fact is, he made NO ATTEMPT to continue being a part of the lottery partnership, and therefore was no longer party to it.

If you stop paying your mortgage for three months, you lose your home. Stop paying the electric bill and you will be using candles. Point is, if you want to dance to the tune, you have to pay the piper.

Any judge who even agrees to hear this frivolous suit should be tossed out to the curb.


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