Thursday, September 8, 2011

Myopic Liberals - Can Only See ONE Side...

In his speech this evening, Obama said, "We need a tax code where everyone gets a fair shake, and everybody pays their fair share. And I believe the vast majority of wealthy Americans and CEOs are willing to do just that, if it helps the economy grow and gets our fiscal house in order." In other words, his idea of "everyone gets a fair shake and everybody pays a fair share" does not actually mean EVERYBODY. It simply means add more tax burden on the rich.

I like the idea of everybody paying a fair share, but MY idea of "everybody" is EVERYBODY. Currently, 47% of all workers pay ZERO tax, and many of them even get back more than they paid in.

Hey, Mr. Obama - look up the definition of "everybody" - and also "fair". Just because a person does not make $50K a year does not mean they should get away without paying ANY share of the burden. Even the poor, if they earn a living, should pay something. They benefit from the roads, schools and national defense. They should be vested in it. Even the poor, if they have a job, can afford $5-$10 a week. How do I know this? Because those same "poor" people smoke $5 a pack cigarettes, drink beer and wine, and have cellphones and computers.

Yes, EVERY worker can and should pay something. The word "everybody" means just that, Mr President.


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