Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hikers, freed from Iran prison, blame America

What do you expect from a couple of sniveling, liberal Berkely twits but for them to hail the likes of Cindy Sheehan and other far-left loons, and blame America for their imprisonment.

In their interview today, they stated flatly that they blame America's war-mongering ways for their imprisonment, while crediting their release to the liberals.

Yep - if America had not mistreated Iran and other Muslim countries, both before and after 9/11, Iran would never have arrested them. According to THEM, that is.

What clowns like those never seem to grasp is that Muslim nations have been attacking us since the '50's, unprovoked. And we put up with it for half a century, and did little until the World Trade Center came down. And they also do not realize that, had they not been Americans, the standard punishment for illegally crossing into Iran is death, or at least torture.

So, if I am not being too bold, might I suggest the real reason they ended up in an Iranian prison was simply because they were stupid enough, ignorant enough and liberal enough to be hiking anywhere near the Iranian border with the geo-political climate such as it is.

Exactly WHAT were they doing there? There are countless thousands of good hiking trails throughout America, and hundreds of thousands throughout the world. If not stupidity fueled by their liberal ignorance, then just what WAS the reason they had to hike THAT trail, close to Iran?

Frankly, I believe those three idiot kids were put up to it by some nutcase, liberal Berkely professor, just to tempt fate and push some buttons. Liberals are good at pushing buttons. Pushing the envelope.

Since they obviously blame America, perhaps America should not have spent so much treasure getting them home. Should have left them there - at least until they get smart enough to realize Iran, not America, is the enemy.


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