Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Working On That "58 States"

During his campaign, Obama stated he had campaigned in 57 states with only one to go. It looks like he may be trying to build up to that.

Unless you watch Fox News, you will not hear about this, but on Thursday the Democrat Congress plans to hold a non-binding vote to admit Puerto Rico into statehood. This has been purposely kept out of the news.

So, what's the problem? And why now? Because Puerto Rico has 3,014,000 voting age citizens - more than enough to swing an election. And if the Dems hold this vote, it will show Puerto Ricans that Democrats are their friends and allies. And eventually, when Puerto Rico does become a state, the voters will be primarily Democrat.

But there is another reason - this vote will also be a show for latinos, to help galvanize the latino vote here in the states - and those that WILL be included when the Democrats give illegals amnesty. That, by itself, would equal a voting bloc of tens of millions. Democrats plan on making latinos dependent upon them just as they did with other minorities. It is the only way they can win elections.

In short, this non-binding vote is designed for one purpose - to help Democrats "fix" future elections. And I have a problem with fixing elections.


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