Wednesday, April 28, 2010

California Hypocrites

Californians - and their leaders - are calling for a boycott of the entire state of Arizona because they (incorrectly) perceive Arizona's new immigration law promotes discrimination - even though the law specifically prohibits discrimination and racial profiling. But Californians and other liberals are not concerned with facts - they have an agenda to push forward.

What California fails to tell you is that California does hundreds of millions of dollars in business with countries that are horrendous defilers of human rights - like China. In fact, even as they protest and boycott Arizona, Cal-Asia and other California organizations and agencies are seeking to expand their business dealings with China even further, and China is trying to get involved with the building and financing of California High Speed Rail.

So why do liberals not have a problem with the severe human rights issues of China, and will contribute to it by sending hundreds of millions to China but will boycott one of their fellow states for passing a law that mimics federal law without changing federal law?

There is a word for that - hypocrites!


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coffee fan said...

Any states that really want to help out the poor beleaguered illegals, they should invite them all to migrate over ASAP