Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why Does The Ammo Shortage Continue?

At first, I did not "get it". While it was easy to understand why ammo came to be in short supply (Homeland Security buying it all up, to render our weapons useless), I could not understand why it STAYED in short supply. After all, as a businessman, I can tell you that when the demand for my product goes up, I manufacture more product so as to cash in on the demand.

But the ammo companies are not doing that. Why?

Frankly, I can only think of one reason - they want to create such a drought that people will pay anything to get ammo. I believe the ammo companies see this as an opportunity to jack up prices - substantially.

In fact, in looking online, people who have an abundance of previously purchased ammo are selling it at a 400% markup. A box of 50 rounds of .22 long rifle rimfires, normally selling for about $5-$8 a box are now selling for a minimum of $20.

First, Homeland Security rips us off by taking away all the ammo. And now it appears the ammo manufacturers are also planning to rip us off.

For the sake and safety of the country and its citizens, and to preserve the intent of the Constitution, Congress should make a law that ammunition manufacturers cannot contract out any more than 50% of their production to government agencies, and that at least 50% of production should be made available to the private citizenry.

Either that, or the NRA should consider building an ammunitions factory and produce ammo for the citizens of this great nation, that they may protect themselves from ALL who would harm them.


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