Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Dishonest "Fuzzy Math" of Liberals

Any thinking person must be getting real tired of how liberals use "fuzzy math" to push their lies. Take "budget cuts" as an example. Obama and his mischievous minions say they are cutting the deficit, and cutting spending by billions. But the reality is that they are actually INCREASING spending and the debt. Here is an example:

Let's say everyone at your place of work gets paid $10 per hour. Next year, a $2.00 per hour raise is proposed. But the boss has to "cut" spending, so he decides to only give everyone a $1.00 per hour raise instead of $2.00.

A conservative would say that salaries increased by a dollar (which they did - from $10 to $11). But a liberal would say salaries were CUT by a dollar simply because the amount of a PROPOSED raise was cut.

The fact remains that salaries were NOT cut. Only the proposed raise was cut. The boss is still spending more, not less, on salaries. But not according to liberals.

This kind of fuzzy math is prevalent in Obama's new budget proposal. He stated that he has met Republicans halfway, with spending cuts that equal new tax revenues. But the facts show the opposite. The Obama budget, once the fuzzy math gimmicks are removed, shows:

1) an INCREASE in taxes of $1.1 TRILLION
2) an INCREASE in spending by nearly $1 TRILLION
3) An INCREASE in the debt to over $25 TRILLION in 10 years

This, in spite of the so-called "cuts", which are not cuts at all - they are merely reductions in proposed increases.

We, the People should force enactment of a law that makes it a crime for politicians to purposely and intentionally deceive the American people.


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