Thursday, April 25, 2013

Traitors In Our Midst?

The FBI was getting valuable information from the Boston Bomber when a judge and attorney UNEXPECTEDLY showed up, read him his Miranda Rights, whereupon the suspect immediately stopped talking to the FBI.

The FBI was furious, and stunned to have the judge show up unannounced and Mirandize the suspect. No one knows who sent the judge; who it was that gave the order to shut the suspect up (and why).

When you consider that Eric Holder's DOJ did the same thing with the "shoe bomber", preventing our intelligence people from getting information, I think you can safely assume that again the DOJ stepped in to prevent us from getting important intel. Why would they do that? What is it they do not want us to know? Why would they jeopardize national security that way?

If it is true that someone in the administration sent the judge, then it borders on treason. And it is coming from the top.

The judge should be subpoened to testify before Congress as to who sent her, and those responsible should be impeached at the very least.

In case you missed it, hours after the bombing, and without any information at all, Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security stated "there was no foreign involvement", even though one of the suspects travelled to Russia, spent 7 months there in a VERY rough, Muslim area, and returned prepared to kill innocent people.

You would have to be the highest form of naive fool to believe anything this administration tells us.


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