Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flying The Flag At Half-Mast

President Obama has ordered flags be flown at half-mast through 4/20, in honor of the three citizens who perished in the bombing at the Boston Marathon. For those of you who know me by now, I'm sure you must realize...


Not that I don't care about those victims, but flying our colors at half-mast is supposed to be an honor reserved for heads of state, heroes etc. So, I had to ask myself - as should you - why on Earth has the president ordered this?

I do not doubt he cares. But why this time? Why for three people killed in Boston by a bomb while watching the Marathon, but not for three people killed in Chicago by stray gangland bullets while watching "The Apprentice"? What is the difference?

When you consider that thousands of American soldiers, true heroes who gave their lives fighting for the flag in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and not once did the president order the flag be flown at half-mast for any of them. So again I ask - why this time? For those three individuals?

And the answer is clear - there is only one difference - the news coverage. The press on the bombing is almost fanatical, non-stop coverage. And as Axelrod once told the Democratic party, "never let a crisis go to waste."

Obama has bitten off a bit of the news coverage, and has succeeded in making himself look like a caring person.

Yes, he cares. But why not for the Chicago shooting victims? Because he knows if he ordered half-mast for those Chicago victims, or even for each soldier that dies, he would be seen as frivolous.

When news coverage is huge. Obama is there, getting his mug in front of the cameras.

There are no cameras on those shootings in Chicago...


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