Thursday, November 4, 2010

STOP Already!

So, in an interview today, Alan Colmes said he and others on the left think that the people voted for conservatives because they want to move more to the left...he said "the voters just do not understand the issues."

Is he insane?

Would he have expected Bush to move more to the right when America voted Democrats into Congress in '06, on the basis that "the voters just don't understand."?

The government is supposed to act in accord with the will of the people. If the people wanted to move to the left, they would have VOTED that way and more Democrats would have been elected.

Geesh, and your ilk need to understand that we vote for a reason. Stop trying to subvert the election process, and government.

As Obama said to the Republicans two years ago, "We won." Get over it and let's move on.


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