Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The California "Missile" Controversy

Now we have the "experts" telling us the "missile" that was videotaped off the coast of California is an airplane. Perhaps. But I think not, and here's why...

1) An airplane's trajectory is not that erratic. The trajectory of a missile is, however, erratic by design due to its guidance system.

2) All commercial and military aircraft have transponders that "talk" to radar stations, telling them exactly where they are in the airspace. And there are (11) radar stations within range of this sighting. Yet, the authorities cannot tell us the flight number of that "airplane".

3) The famous, and obsolete, B-52 is the only aircraft with a large contrail starting at the plane's engines - all others have a narrow contrail that only widens as atmospheric conditions dissipate the trail. No B-52's were reported in the area by the military.

4) Marcos Caceres, senior space agency expert is also convinced it to be a missile. And he knows missiles.

5) Exactly 11 months ago to the day, another video, nearly identical, was taken off the coast of California in the same area. It, too, was never identified by authorities.

I really hate to think that some entity other than our military is experimenting with missiles within 35 miles of our coast...

And I REALLY hate to think they could do it without our government having any clue...


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