Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't Feed The Bears - Part II

Awhile back I wrote an article about why the signs in state and federal parks say "Don't Feed The Bears". If you feed bears, they begin to think they are entitled to the food, and when you no longer have any to give, they attack YOU.

The point of the article had to do with the rioting and attacks in Greece, France and other socialist nations that provide entitlements they can no longer afford to give. The folks, mostly youngsters who have never known self-reliance and believe entitlements really are something they are ENTITLED to are angry at being told the entitlements will shrink, or even disappear. The bears attack.

Well, now it has hit what was once a bastion of capitalism that has, in recent decades, become rather socialist - the United Kingdom. Today, youngsters who have never known anything but entitlements have been told the entitlements will be shrinking, and university tuitions will be going up, have begun rioting. Over 50,000 stormed buildings that house many businesses and tore them apart. They say it is only the beginning.

It is pathetic - young people insisting that taxes be raised on OTHER people just so they can continue to get free benefits.

Wake up, America. You are looking at your own future if you continue on the road of entitlements. It ALWAYS ends badly. No exceptions. The reason is as Margaret Thatcher once said, that sooner or later you run out of other people's money to give away. More and more people decide it is easier to accept the dole than to actually work hard to support themselves. Eventually you have more people collecting than are paying in. And that can only result in bankruptcy.

Currently in America, 49% of all working Americans pay ZERO taxes to support our system. We are only 1% away from the point of diminishing returns, with more people collecting than paying.

We are feeding the bears. And someday, there will not be enough food for them all. And that is when America will cease being the great, powerful, wealthy nation it once was.

Is that what you want for YOUR children?

Certainly, as a society we should help those who cannot help themselves. But there should be no ENTITLEMENTS to it. It should never be seen as a "right". Charity is not a right. And it should never, ever be extended to anyone who simply refuses to support themselves, or those who make poor choices. It should only be extended to those who CANNOT support themselves because of severe physical or mental incapacity.

Those who WILL not support themselves can and should starve. When they get hungry enough, they will work.


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