Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The people of the kingdom of Pindarovia were strong and independent. So much so that the tryannical king needed to find a way to weaken them enough so he could keep them under his complete control. He knew the best way to do that would be to first weaken them, then make them dependent upon him for their very lives.

The king went to his wizard to find a way to accomplish the task. The wizard gave the king a potion that, when ingested, would weaken even the strongest of men.

The king, being a wiley man, knew his people would not willingly drink of the foul potion. So he had his cooks make a recipe to make the potion appealing. They added sugar, blueberries and served it up with ice cream on the side.

When one wise man stood and tried to warn the people that this would be bad for them, the king merely said, "Why would you want to keep the people from having blueberries? Why would you want to deprive them of ice cream? How can you be so cruel and wrong-headed?"And the people, wanting the ice cream and blueberries, were fooled into taking the potion. And they were weakened, and became dependent upon the king for their survival.

Now, you might think this is only a cute little story. But it is much more than that. This sort of thing goes on all the time. Remember all those people who drank the poison believing it to be Kool-Aid at Jonestown?

And then the "Affordable Care Act". The liberals added a few good things, like covering children and people with pre-existing conditions, and used those 3 or 4 good things to "sweeten" the 2360 pages of poison that is in the bill.

And when a conservative steps up and says this is a bad bill, the liberals say, "Why would you be against covering kids, or people with pre-existing conditions? What kind of monster are you?"

The truth is, conservatives are not against the blueberries or the ice cream. They are against the poison that is being delivered with it.

And when liberals try to accuse conservatives of not caring about the people, they are blatantly lying. They know that is not true, but they use that to con the people into thinking that conservatives are bad.

So here is the difference - liberals give you blueberries and ice cream to get you to eat the poison. Conservatives (I'm not saying Republicans) want you to have the blueberries and ice cream, but without the poison.

And the sooner people stop being fooled by the wiley king and begin listening to the truth, the better off we will all be.

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