Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hate To Say "Told You So"

For the last few years, Republicans and even most of our generals have been warning the Democrats - particularly Mr. Obama - about setting a timetable for leaving Iraq. They said the insurgents would simply wait us out, and once we were gone, they would strike with impunity.

The Democrats - and Obama - refused to listen.

Now we are pretty much out of Iraq. Yesterday 32 people were killed, and today several bombings killed 56 more, mostly Iraqi Security forces. The violence is surging (pardon any pun).

There's an old saying that no one knows how to lose a war, or snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like a liberal, because they prefer to cut and run. They do not like violence, and prefer trying to talk the enemy to death (which has never worked).

It appears that, barring re-entry, we may very well lose everything we gained in Iraq, and all the blood and treasure will be for naught.

And now Mr. Obama has a timetable for Afghanistan...

But then, anyone who so readily throws his Grandma under the bus cannot be expected to do any less to our military.


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