Thursday, August 5, 2010

Job Exports

I was listening to Chris Van Hollen (D) spin about how it was the Republicans who are responsible for jobs being exported overseas. If not so pathetic, it would have been laughable.

No one who is sane can question there is only one reason an American business would leave the country and take the jobs with it - PROFIT. If it were not more profitable, they simply would not move. Period.

Now, there are two things that determine profitability - the demand for their products and services, and the cost of doing business.

And it is the cost of doing business that forces companies to move jobs overseas.

And no one can, with a straight face, say it is the Republicans who have added to the cost of doing business in America. The two major cost factors are TAXES and UNIONS. Both bleed companies dry.

The Democrats, not the Republicans are the ones who empower and strengthen the unions, which in turn strangle the businesses. And it is the Democrats, not the Republicans who keep raising the taxes on businesses, capital gains and "the wealthy" - you know, the people who actually EMPLOY people.

In America, corporate taxes and other regulations imposed by a Democrat controlled Congress are 2-3 times higher than in China, India, Mexico and even Ireland. So do not be surprised, Congress, when businesses move to China, India, Mexico and Ireland. (The only time Republicans controlled Congress in the last 60 years was the period from '94-'06 - just 12 years out of 60)

In America, unions add up to 40% onto the cost of doing business by demanding wages far above the norm, extra-fat pensions and other benefits. China, India and Mexico are not encumbered by unions.

Not that unions are all bad, but they have become much more powerful and costly than necessary for purposes of protecting workers. And it is the Democrats that keep giving them more power. Just watch - in December, the lame duck Democrat Congress will pass "card check", which will take away an employee's right to a secret ballot when voting for or against a union. This will allow unions to know who voted against them - and who to punish. This will intimidate many to vote for a union when they would rather vote against it.

Van Hollen, you are the typical partisan liberal Democrat, spreading your BS and hoping average folks are so uninformed that they will believe everything you say, just because YOU said it.



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