Monday, August 9, 2010

How To Reduce Violent Crime

Progressives are not going to like this because the facts are contrary to what they want them to be.

The states with the lowest violent crime rates are Arizona, Alaska and Vermont. Substantially lower. And as far as violent crime is concerned, there is only one thing those three states have in common...

In each of those states, any adult that is not an ex-con has the right to carry a concealed weapon without a permit or license.

Compare that with the states with the highest violent crime rates - New York, New Jersey and Illinois. States with the strictest gun laws.

And here is why:

Put yourself in the role of a violent criminal. You want to ply your violent trade. You have a choice - do it in a place where the citizens are armed, or do it in a place where the citizens cannot be armed.

Which would you choose? Unless you are a suicidal violent criminal, you would choose to ply your trade where you know the citizens are unarmed (also known as "prey").

Simple logic. And the facts support it. Unfortunately, politicians and progressive liberals do not care about the facts - or your safety. They do not like guns, and do not want anyone to own them. They live in a world of make-believe ideals that may sound nice, but are impossible. Impossible because, in spite of being "civilized", it is still a world where the first law is "survival of the fittest". Predator or prey. Because there is one truth that cannot be disputed - nothing - I repeat, NOTHING - can live but what something else must die. To live, everything must eat; consume. Even plants consume nutrients from other plants and animals that have decomposed. So the reality, no matter how much we may want it to be different, is that life is a competition. As such, many people will resort to violence. And if you cannot arm yourself, you will be the prey - the rabbit in a land of wolves.


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