Thursday, January 15, 2009


No, this is not about Washington DC, though there is a lot of wild life down there. This is about God's little creatures of the wilderness.

Every morning, a large group of turkeys comes to our yard to feed. Every afternoon they return. And every evening, at dusk, six deer come to feed, and they return just before dawn.

They come because we share with our little wild friends. Each day I put out alfalfa, cracked corn, peanut hearts and black oil sunflower seed.

And every time it snows, and my neighbor sees me snow-blowing 250 feet out to the side yard, then clear a 100 foot circle so they have a place to feed, he thinks I've lost my mind. He still does not know why I plow way out there. He just thinks I like to blow snow.

So, yesterday as the winds drifted the snow and I had to go clear it, and he watched me blow snow some 250 feet from the house, he finally stopped to ask why, pray tell, do I snowblow my yard.

"How else can I get the tractor out here to mow the lawn", I replied.

I wonder if he is still wagging his head and mumbling to himself.


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