Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Class...

Inauguration is over. Finally. And despite the excessive cost of it, and in spite of the Democrat mantra that "we must come together now", and their claims of tolerance, these same people showed a complete lack of any class at all. None.

When the do-nothing turncoat Carter came out, they cheered. When Clinton came out, they cheered. When Pelosi came out, more cheering. And when Obama came out, they cheered. But when the Senior President Bush came out, they booed. When the younger President Bush appeared, they booed. Even when the warm and wonderful Laura Bush came out, they booed. That shows a complete and total lack of class, respect, civility and integrity. And they will be the ones running America for the next 4 years. Heaven help us.

For the sake of America, I really do hope Obama succeeds in making things better, and I will give him the benefit of the doubt. We should all withhold judgement and give the man a chance. But I simply do not believe he will do what is needed.

The next time any Democrat tries to tell you they are the party of tolerance, or the party that wants to bring America together, you can just laugh. Or you could if it were actually funny, but it is not. It is sad. Very sad.

As a final note, I am really, really sick of all the racism disguised as "brotherly love". The most racist people are those who think others are racist just because they did not vote for Obama. They refuse to accept the simple fact that most who voted for McCain simply thought McCain was the better candidate. Why they have to automatically assume it is about race is exactly what makes THEM the racists. So I would like to make a point here.

When you talk about your BLACK church instead of church, you are racist. When you have a BLACK college instead of a college, you are racist. When you have a BLACK caucus instead of a caucus, you are racist. When you look at Obama and see a BLACK man, you are racist.

I am not racist. When I look at Obama, I simply see a man. I do not see a black man. If I raise a glass to him as president, I do not raise my glass to a BLACK president, but to my president.

If a person refers to him as "a black president" or some such identifier that includes his color, as most liberals do, then those people are racists - the fact that he is black makes a difference to them - and that is the definition of racism.

Because one thing is certain - if a person sees the color of a person's skin, and it makes any difference at all, that person is a racist. And if it does not make any difference, it does not belong in the conversation.

But I listen to all the infatuated Obama supporters and all I hear is the word "black". "Isn't it great we have a BLACK president?" Or "The first BLACK president..."

If and when the day comes when we can look at each other and not see color; if and when the time comes when we can label a person without bringing in color, then and only then can we say we have overcome racism.

And the absolute worst racists are those who scream the loudest about the racism of others - Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and their ilk. Such people make their livings playing the race card and the hate card, and keeping racism alive and well. They need racism in order to be relevant. Everything they see, and everything they say is through a racist "black filter". All of them have a hard time trying to make a sentence without inserting the word "white" or "black". Stirring the pot, so they can continue being "great black leaders." If racism dies, they will become nobodies, fast.

That said, I do not have a black president. I have a president. And I am not a white American. I am an American. The only color of a man that concerns me is the color of his heart, not his skin. I only wish liberals would begin to see it the same way. But they depend on the race card, so I do not expect to see that in my lifetime.

And that, too, is very sad.


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