Friday, January 30, 2009

Backward Thinking

It is always amzing to realize that so many people, particularly liberals, do not understand how money works, so they want to tax the rich even more. But before going into the actual "how to" of money, perhaps it is time to explain WHY so many people have the wrong idea.

Liberals exist to create bigger government, and a nanny state. Their objective is to take all the wealth they can via taxes, and use it to create a more socialistic nation, where there are no poor (or rich). In order to accomplish this, they have to get voted into office, so they do two things:

1) They try to keep the poor from being anything but poor. They accomplish this with entitlements like welfare, and get the poor hooked on it. They NEED it. It becomes a drug - I know, as I was once addicted to it. And the Democrat politicians are the drug dealers. If the poor stay poor, they must vote Democrat in order to keep their "fix" of welfare coming. They dare not bite the hand that provides the welfare they depend upon.

2) Liberals must also convince the masses that the economy runs backward, that "trickle-down economics" is wrong. By convincing people of this, they create a class warfare in which the greatest number of people (the NOT rich) will gang up on the smallest number (the RICH). Ever play "King Of The Mountain" as a kid? All the kids at the bottom try to take down the ONE at the top. Not because he is bad, but because THEY want to be at the top. Human nature, and that is good - the strongest is supposed to be the leader. But the liberals play on that to get their agenda through. They make the guy at the top a "bad guy", deserving of being tumbled, because no one should be on top. There should be no rich - all that money should go to the poor. They say no one should be "King of the Mountain". But think about that - if no one is "King of the Mountain", the game is over! Imagine a country with no leader. An army with no general. A family with no parent.

Now, when Democrat politicians say they want to tax the rich and give it to the poor, it is the same as buying votes.

But here is the truth.

Wealth is not created by the poor. Wealth is created by the rich, and the poor benefit from it in the way of jobs, products and services.

Rich Guy invests in innovative ideas, and a business is born. Rich guy took all the risks. The business must hire employees (jobs) to produce products and/or services. Consumers buy those products and services, infusing money back into the businesses so they can grow, and hire more people, and produce more products.

A recession occurs when the money from investors dries up, and fewer products and services can be produced, resulting in the need for fewer employees (layoffs). Only a fool would believe this is done intentionally by the rich, to "punish" the poor. Why would any business go out of business just to punish the poor? It happens because the money the rich would invest is taxed too high, and they do not have enough to invest. And it happens when government gets too big, and interferes in the private sector, or competes with it. This occurs when liberals take congress.

So, here it is in a nutshell:

Businesses and investors (the RICH) are the Golden Goose that lays Golden Eggs (jobs, products, services). If you want more golden eggs, you feed the goose well. If you want fewer eggs, you starve the goose. It is not rocket science.

Higher taxes only serve to starve the goose. If you take away the hard-earned money of the rich, they cannot invest in businesses., Businesses cannot hire, or expand or they are forced to go to other countries. The economy tanks.

Get it? Trickle-Down Economics is the ONLY system that works. After all, when was the last time the poor people created wealth? When was the last time you got a job from a poor person? If there are no rich, who will invest in businesses? Who will pay our salaries? Liberals want the government to do that - socialism. Conservatives want the true leaders to do it - democracy. Liberals want no one but government on top of the mountain, and all the people subservient to it. Conservatives want the strongest, smartest leaders as King of the Mountain, and all the people working together to make sure our leaders ARE the best, by challenging them - not destroying them.

Face ONE indisputable fact: short of doing something illegal there are only TWO ways you can put money in your pocket.

1) You can create a business and have consumers pay you, or
2) You can work for someone who has created such a business

In either case, the money you earn, in one way or another, comes from business. It comes from the wealthy. After all, no one else can afford to pay you. If you wait to get a salary from a poor person, you will starve.


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