Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who Is REALLY To Blame For This Mess?

I'll give you a clue - it's not the Democrats in the Senate. It's not the Republicans in the House. And it is not the clown in the White house.

It is...wait for it!

It is US, the American people. WE elected those morons, and will probably elect most of them AGAIN. WE are the ones who want them to bring home the pork in order to get re-elected, and that pork adds trillions to the debt over the years. WE are the ones who want all the "free stuff" and entitlements. WE are the ones who want cuts, as long as those cuts do not affect US.

Thomas Jefferson said it correctly - every people gets the government they deserve. And we deserve this travesty. Yes, the ones who elected them, and the rest who stayed home and did not vote.

Yes, it is we, the people who are to blame.

81% of the people say the government is headed in the wrong direction. But what do you want to bet that 81% do not go to the polls next November and vote for something better?

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