Thursday, October 3, 2013

Is Truth An Unknown Concept For Pelosi?

Many liberals, particularly Nancy Pelosi, seem to be unable to tell, or even recognize the truth. It's all about spin.

Closing in on the debt ceiling fight, Pelosi just told the media that "there are no more cuts to make in government."

Really? With the CBO stating our government wastes more taxpayer money in one hour than most people earn in a lifetime? No more cuts are possible?

That's incredible! But that is nothing more than lib-speak for, "I want more taxpayer money to spend but those pesky Republicans have a lock on the purse."

Consider - the government just furloughed 800,000 non-essential (i.e. "not needed") employees. If they are not necessary, then why wewre we paying them in the first place?

If only there were some way to force politicians to tell the truth, and those who do not would be rendered permanently mute. Now THERE'S an idea!


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