Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mein Kampf

Much of the serious problems in America today are caused by lies and misinformation, which lead to disrespect and mistrust among the citizenry. And most of that misinformation is coming from secularists on the left. And this misinformation is destructive of success.

Need a prime example? Just look at Christianity, itself.

Many fools who are misled by secularists will say that Christians are idiots because they "believe the world is only 6,000 years old." They say this out of ignorance that blooms from secularist claims that have no basis in fact. One clown adds up the years and generations spoken of in the Bible, and it appears that there were roughly 4,000 years between the creation of Adam and the birth of Christ. Hence, their claim that Christians believe the world is only 6,000 years old.
But nothing could be further from the truth - and those secularists KNOW that. They do not care about truth - they only care about pushing their secular agenda and will tell any lie to accomplish that.

First, nowhere in the Bible does it say that Adam was created at the same time the Earth was created. While secularists point to the "Earth was created in 6 days", the original text does not say that at all - in ancient Hebrew, the original word used was "yom", which meant any period of time - it could be a day, a month, year, eon... any period of time. But King James later translated it into English, choosing the word DAY as a way of impressing upon people the omnipotence of God. Point is, the original Bible never claimed the world was created in six days.

Next, nowhere in the Bible does it state that Adam was the first man. It only says he was created. It does not say he was the first. On the contrary - in the Bible, Man was created in God's image during the 6 "days" (times) of creation. God then rested in the seventh "day" (time). And then, He looks around and saw what He did, and it was good. And THEN - after the 7 "days" of creation, and AFTER he had created Man in his image, God created Adam because He needed someone with enough on the ball to caretake the Earth. That is what the Bible actually says. So, Adam was not the first Man at all.

So it would seem that God took much time creating the world. He created Man in his image. But the man he created was little more than an animal, unable to caretake the Earth. So, after everything else was done, God finally got around to creating a newer, improved version of Man - one with a little intellect, and conscious of self. And he called this fellow Adam. Whereas early (neanderthal) man was useless, Adam (modern Cro-Magnon) man had some smarts.

Need more proof that Adam was not the first man? Read the next few verses of the Bible. You know, after Cain caps Abel, and God expels him. Cain then goes to the land of Nod and takes a wife. Hm-m-m. A wife! Now where do you suppose SHE came from, if Adam and Eve were the first people? It becomes obvious to even the most dense of people that Adam could not possibly have been the first man. He was just the first INTELLIGENT man, capable of caretaking the Earth.

Of course, secularists know this. But they do not want YOU to know this. And even many Christians who have been fooled by translations upon translations, and fooled by leaders who do not know any better who may actually believe much of what the secularists claim. But it's all hooey!

As a knowledgeable, educated Christian, I understand the Earth has been around for about 4 billion years. And I understand that it took 3 billion years for life to actually get started. And I understand that life took time to evolve. Yes, I said evolve. But that is because I am also educated enough to understand that evolution and Creation are not mutually exclusive. God is not stupid. He knows that the environment is ever-changing. As such, He knows he must build in an ability to adapt to changes - evolution. God creates, and then those creations adapt to change by way of evolution. Why wouldn't He? After all, even we do that - we create something, and then continually work to improve it. Look at Windows. Look at transportation. Look at Cheer and Tide detergents. Do you REALLY think God is less intelligent than ourselves?

OK, so Christians do not really believe the world is only 6,000 years old, and the secularists are liars, and those that swallow their junk science are fools and idiots. But it is entirely possible that there is only 6,000 years between Adam and us. Adam was the first, cognizant man and father of the tribes of Israel. And lest we forget, the Bible - particularly the Old Testament - is a book of the history of the Hebrew tribes. It is not a book of the history of the world, for it never mentions other ancient civilizations of Earth, such as the Aztecs, Mayans, Chinese and Sumatrans. The Bible states emphatically that God has many sheep in His fold, and that the Hebrews were but one. In short, the Hebrew tribes may only be 6,000 years old. Mankind - and the world - are much older.

Here is my point: the false prophets and liars on the left will do anything to minimize Christianity. And they will pass off as much misinformation and disinformation as they possibly can, about all things (not just Christianity). They will stir up as much dissent as they possibly can, for it is in dissent that mistrust and disrespect is born. And when the people are at each others throats, the elite on the left have an easy time rising above it, and ruling the masses.

Think Mein Kampf, by Adolph Hitler. The way to rule the world is to tear civilization asunder, and to create distrust among people. You then appeal to their basic needs to survive against the others, and they appoint you as their leader. Nothing new here.

It's just too bad that so many people are so easily fooled by those on the left, even with all the history from which we could have learned better. If a better world is what you seek, and if you are not afraid of the truth, you would do well to ignore and minimalize those on the left. Because that is precisely what they are trying to do to you. And if you are one of the unfortunate souls who believe that Christians are "backward fools" who believe in dumb things, perhaps you should question where you got those beliefs. Chances are you were brainwashed by secularists who fed you a bunch of crap in order to get you on their side. If you think Christians believe the world is 6,000 years old, you have been conned, big time. If you believe that being Christian means you must think Adam was the first man, then you have been conned again. And if you think that a belief in Creation means there cannot be evolution as well, then once again you have been conned. After all, in order for anything to evolve, it must first exist, does it not?

Think about that for a moment - only living things can evolve. So, if there was no Creation, how does one go about explaining the planets, rocks, dirt, water...these things cannot evolve, because they are inanimate. And if we all evolved from the same living cell, then just where did that first living cell come from? If it was the first living thing, then it could not have evolved from anything that was non-living. Any way you cut it, there had to be some sort of Creation. The only question is whether or not the Creation was accidental or intentional.

And when I see just how complex everything is, yet it all still functions seemlessly, I have my answer. It is not that there is so much to see, or to know. It is in the mere fact that I CAN see, and I CAN know. A starry night is glorious. But even more glorious is being able to SEE it, and KNOW that it is glorious!

I truly pity secularists and atheists. Not only do they miss so much, but they have no hope. How can there be hope if you know you will someday die, and believe there is nothing else? Nothing is more hopeless than that.

As for me, I never knew true success until I became acquainted with God, and began giving Him credit for all things. Since then, I have found success in all things - marriage, family, friends, career, finance, health. What a change from where I once was. To look at me now, you would never know that I was once living in a homeless shelter, eating in soup kitchens (and sometimes dumpsters), all alone and without hope. I was dying, both inside and out.

One day I became very ill and dehydrated, passed out in the snow and taken to a hospital where I heard a doctor say, "He's through - put a tag on his toe and send him downstairs." I knew I was written off, and I did not care, because I had never had hope, anyway.

And then I felt another "voice" - I did not hear it, I only felt it. All it said was, "Not yet, for you have not completed your task." The next thing I knew, it was three days later and I had a tube in my arm and another in my nose. I was still alive! But that is not entirely true, for I had never really been alive before that - I was only just then becoming truly alive.

Over the next two days as I lay in that hospital bed, I had a lot of time to try and figure out what the heck had really happened. I remembered the "voice", and what it had said. And for the first time in my life, I no longer felt like I was alone.

And I have been looking and moving forward ever since. It's almost as if someone took a black and white world, and set it awash in beautiful colors. I was feeling so great that sometimes I would just chuckle at nothing, like being tickled on the inside.

Don't get me wrong - I did not become a religious zealot. But I did become whole, and free, and happy. And I am not afraid to give credit where credit is due.

It is precisely for that reason that I and my Christian investor friends made "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" available at cost, and we all volunteer our time to helping others do what we do. It is our way of giving a little something back, and giving credit where credit is due.

If all this talk about God distresses you, I am truly sorry. But I am not sorry for me - I am sorry for those who do not understand.

May the Good Lord bless you and keep you from harm - whether you like it or not :o)

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John said...

Wow. Very insightful and a great post. You have taught me so much through A Simple Man's Guide To Real Estate and your free mentoring.

I really enjoyed this post and it is far better than any marketing or business post.

God bless . . .