Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Coming Election

I do not normally devote this blog to political speak - I leave that for my other blog,
(un)Common Sense. But these unusual times call for unusual measures.

Regardless of party, We, the People have an obligation to elect officials who will do what is in the best interest of We, the People. Unfortunately, what we have are politicians who ignore what the majority of the people really want, in favor of keeping themselves and their party in power. Instead of serving us, they serve only their own ambitions. The immigration bill debacle of last year is a prime example of politicians out of touch with the people.

I believe that we should all vote for only those who pledge to adhere to the will of the people, regardless of party. Although we have become a nation of Republicans, Democrats and Independents, we need to return to the days when we were simply Americans. We should not be electing political parties. We should be electing individuals committed to the same values as the folks they represent, setting party and personal agendas aside.

If any reader agrees, I would implore you to visit American Solutions For Winning The Future. These folks are a bipartisan "think tank" and research lab, and have scoured the U.S. seeking out what the majority of the people actually want. From this input, they have put together a straight-forward platform designed to transform America into a nation we can ALL be proud of. A nation with a single general direction and purpose, where only the details are cause for disagreement. If you visit their site, please click on THE PLATFORM OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and "sign" the petition to bring this before all political parties.

Please visit their website, and read the platform for "Real Change". And if you find yourself agreeing with most of the platform, you owe it to yourself, your family and your country to stand up and be counted. Spread the word. Print and distribute a few copies of the platform. Get your friends and relatives to visit the site, and read the platform.

And ask each and every one to contact their officials and candidates - local, state and federal - and tell them they will only vote for those candidates who pledge themselves to that platform.

Let's face it - if we leave "change" up to the politicians, there will be no real change. Only We, the People, can make the changes. And we do it by spreading the word, standing together, and pulling the lever in the voting booth. Together, we can make the changes America needs.

And it all begins with a platform we can believe in, and fight for. Do not be so naive as to allow party to get in the way.

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