Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arianna Huffington & The Prodigal Son

Well, Ms Huffington has once again strutted her complete lack of intellect before the entire world. Her latest drivel cries foul that John McCain has been "captured" by the right.

Look, Arianna, I hate to break this to you, but Republicans are on the right, and Democrats on the left. McCain is, and always has been, a Republican. And for you to complain that (gasp!) McCain should actually BE a Republican is absurd. That is, after all, the party he belongs to. Perhaps you expected him to be another far-left kook like Kennedy, Leahy or even Arianna Huffington.

Huffington then went on to complain that the media "has not noticed" that McCain is favoring the right. Gee, Arianna, perhaps they did notice, but found no news in the fact that Republicans are supposed to be on the right, and therefore may adhere to the principles of the right. Maybe they simply are not quite as uneducated as some bloggers.

Now, all of this becomes even more insane when you realize that McCain is actually pretty close to the left, and not the right. He pals up with the most far-left folks in Congress, including Kennedy and Feingold. And to this day he has refused to apologize for working so hard for amnesty, and he still has not abandoned his desire to grant amnesty to every illegal alien.

Perhaps it is understandable that foolish people like Huffington would be aghast that McCain is on the right, considering he has worked so hard to help the left. I guess she, and a few other clowns on the left are hurt to find out that McCain, who has acted like a Democrat rather often, is still a Republican at his core. For awhile, even I was beginning to wonder if McCain was a Democrat in Republican clothing.

But unlike Huffington, I am not surprised at all to find that a lifelong Republican is beginning to seek out his roots, and come back into the fold, like the "Prodigal Son" (sorry, Arianna - I forgot that secularists may not be familiar with Biblical parables). McCain wants to be President. He is running as a Republican. As such, anyone who does not expect him to be on the right is more than just naive - they are downright dumb!

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