Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Which is it???

On AOL and other liberal news reporting centers (Yahoo, Google, MSN), there are two different stories in the news.

On the one hand, there is a story about how our coastlines will be under water soon, due to global warming.

In the next story, they say it will cost more to heat our homes this year, partly due to a winter that is expected to be colder. And I quote, "Any forecast for winter heating costs is subject to weather. Neil Gamson, analyst at the federal government's Energy Information Administration (EIA), says weather forecasts so far point to a colder winter than last year, suggesting higher bills may be in store."

It would be easier to believe these people if they could tell the same story twice in a row. After all, it is a bit confusing that "global warming" is causing colder weather!

And did you see that news story on Neptune? Scientists say the temp at the south pole of Neptune has risen 18 degrees, because of Neptune's "wobbly axis", which has put the south pole closer to the sun for 40 years (which is the normal way of things). But don't tell Al Gore - he may try to go there and sell his "carbon credits", all the while ranting about Neptune's own global warming.

Come to think of it, yes. Please DO tell Al...

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