Wednesday, September 12, 2007

That Vacation Home

I just rented a vacation home in the woods of Bartlett, NH for a weekend getaway with the little woman. And it "only" cost $325 per night. Imagine!

The home is valued at just over $200K. It is close to shopping, skiing, lakes etc. A decent vacation area. The lady who owns it says it is rented nearly 48 weeks per year.

Now, I'm not a math wizard, but you don't need to be in order to figure that comes to over $100K per year in income. After subtracting costs (PITI, cleaning expenses, advertising, utilities etc.) her annual net profit on this ONE HOUSE runs about $80,000 per year!

Think about that. She is getting the house, in a desireable location, absolutely free, and is netting $80,000/year to boot. On just ONE house.

I have rental homes, for sure. But nothing that even comes close to that house of hers. But I gotta tell you, come spring I will have at least three places like hers.

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