Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tired of the Liberal Methodology

When I was young (don't ask!), the two political sides would enter into political intercourse, debating issues, presenting the facts that held up their beliefs, and in so doing would try to convince John Q Public to vote this way or that.

But I have seen a very nasty shift since the early 90's. It seems that liberals no longer want to debate issues or present facts. Now, before you go off half-cocked on me, I would urge you to test this for yourself.

Don't get me wrong - I am all for a two-party system that debates issues honestly. But that is no longer what we have.

Here are some methods used by today's liberals:

* Do not answer a question directly if your answer cannot be supported by the facts. For example, when asked if they support MoveOn.orgs ad about Petraeus, most democrats respond not by answering the question, but by saying something like, "Well, the REAL question is whether or not the war in Iraq...". They simply do not answer the question. Why? Because even they know that their position is not defensible. If they say "I agree with the ad", even many democrats would scatter. And if they say they disagree, they lose the millions of dollars that provides to their campaigns.

* Do not debate if your issue is all political hype, and not supported by facts. Example, Barry Manilow refused to go on "The View" because the producers refused his request to not be interviewed by the shows only conservative - he stated he only wanted to discuss things with the three liberals on the show. In other words, he wanted only to "preach to the choir" so his agenda would not be questioned.

* Use name-calling if all else fails. Things like "General Betray Us" come to mind. This methodology is childish and unwarranted.

* Re-tool the English language, to try and put an issue into a more favorable light by word association. Those who favor abortion are not anti-life. They are pro-choice. On the other hand, those who are against abortion are not pro-life, but are anti-choice. And illegal immigrants are "undocumented workers". And oral sex isn't sex at all. By relabeling and using politically correct language to remove the true meaning of an issue, they lessen the issue.

These are just a few of the dishonest methods used by many of today's liberals. And if you do not think it permeates the left, all you have to do is tune in to a station such as Fox News and keep an open mind. Then, listen to the actual questions and the actual answers. You will see, if you pay attention and are honest with yourself, that liberals rarely answer any question directly, because they do not want their answer to come back and bite them in the you-know-what. And listen to the new terms they invent, to put an unsavory issue into a better light: undocumented; pro-choice; weight challenged; and on and on.

But perhaps the worst tactic they use is their uncanny ability to insult us, and have it look like they are apologizing for getting caught. Like when John Kerry insulted our troops. When there was an uproar, his "apology" was simply, "I am sorry that so many people were upset by my comments." By using the words "I am sorry", it SOUNDS like an apology. But if you look at what was said, he was not apologizing for what he said - he was apologizing for US for being too thin-skinned. In other words, he was apologizing for us, not to us. He was insulting us yet again, and he never did apologize for his comments about the troops. His "apology" was not an apology at all - it was just another insult. The next time a liberal "apologizes", look it over carefully and chances are you will discover that they are not apologizing at all - once again, they are twisting words to make it appear they are apologizing, when they really are not.

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