Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Than Merrill & His Fortune Builders

As many of you already know, "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" has been helping people get into real estate investing for over a quarter century, and for under $100, which includes lifetime coaching. And you also know that there are many real estate "gurus" - so many, in fact, that many folks are confused as to which one they should invest in.

Than Merrill and his Fortune Builders is one of the "top" names right now - not because his program is best (it's not) but because of his fame, and the vast amount of cash he spends to promote his business ("The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" spends nothing for promotion or advertising, yet brings in thousands of new clients each year by "word of mouth").

Consider: there are, and always have been only a couple of dozen actual methods of real estate investing. All others that "gurus" tout are nothing more than take-offs with minor effect, or combinations. And most gurus teach only one or two methods. "The Simple Man's Guide" teaches all 22 methods. And where Than Merrill and most others charge as much as $60,000, "The Simple Man's Guide" is only $90.

And none of the gurus - not Than Merrill, nor Armando Montelongo, Ron LeGrand or any other will provide coaching (mentoring) at no cost. "The Simple Man's Guide" provides unlimited coaching for free, as they utilize investors who volunteer their services.

Than Merrill and his Fortune Builders may be a decent program - but NO real estate investing program is worth the money those other gurus charge. Real estate investing isn't rocket science - average people have been doing it successfully for centuries.

You may have the opportunity too attend a "free" seminar by Than Merrill or some other guru. Go for it - only if to discover what the REAL cost is going to be, as those seminars are not for teaching - they are for selling.

And then, with your eyes open, just come and take a look at "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate." You have nothing to lose. It even includes a new, free Guide to Wholesaling.


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