Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Health Care - Simple, Affordable

First, low income persons are eligible for Medicaid, and as long as that remains in place, that takes care of those people. And the wealthy have no problem getting whatever coverage they desire, so let's not concern ourselves with them. That leaves the rest of us - the folks in the middle who are struggling, but not "poor" enough for Medicaid, nor rich enough to get the best care available at any time, and certainly unable to afford ObamaCare premiums and huge deductibles.

For the rest of us, the solution is simple: make only CATASTROPHIC care available to all, at a reasonable cost - such policies are relatively inexpensive, and people can choose their own deductible, just like car or house insurance. Simply choose a higher deductible to reduce premiums.

The rest of your health care can - and should - be paid by the individual. Preferably, we would be allowed to build tax-free health savings accounts to cover all those minor health costs, like exams, shots etc. Let's have a little personal responsibility, folks! And if the individual has to cover the minor costs of health care, they would have greater incentive to live a healthier lifestyle. There is no excuse for expecting insurance to cover costs for things like condoms, Viagra, or even your annual physical.

Think of it this way - your car insurance pays for major damages and medical for people involved in an accident, but it does not cover gas, oil, tires, registration etc. Same with your homeowner's policy. Health insurance should be the same - designed to cover the BIG things that are otherwise unaffordable.

And policies should be available nationwide, across state lines, to create competition that reduces costs.

Add tort reform and award caps to lower malpractice insurance and voila! Affordable health care made simple.

And those Senators that complain they want to represent the needs of THEIR people? No problem - ALL Americans would have these same options and choices, and each can craft the coverage they need.

To those in the House & Senate - BOTH parties - I suggest if you want to do what is best for the people, and insure your own re-election, stop with all the posturing for dumb reasons like being anti-Trump, or anti one party or the other and get the job done. And above all, understand this SIMPLE concept - health care should NOT be run by the government. I know you love the idea of being in control of such a valuable necessity, but STOP! It is not in the best interests of America.


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